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With een paying great attention to Chang鈥檈 Program in the process You Will Get Your Excellent Project!

president at Camsing US and the new CEO at POW! Entertainment.Lee's partner Gill Champion, president of POW! Entertainment, believes that combing Stan Lee's brand with Camsing's expertise in licen▓sing, merchandising and marketing, "seems to be the▓ ideal opportunity for the cooperatio

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n."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatInterview: Belt and Road Initiative benefi▓cial to customers, service providers: CEO of Hungary's logistic companyIntervi▓ew: Belt and Road Initiative beneficial to customers, service providers: CEO of Hungary's logistic companyInterview: Belt and Road Initiative beneficial to customers, service providers: CEO of Hungary's logistic company05-09-2017 06:40 BJTBUDAPEST, May 8 (Xinhua) -- China's Belt and Road Initiative "is really a gre▓at and brilliant project," Akos Kovacs, the CEO of Hungary's Ekol Logistics, told Xinhua in a recent interview."It can really help the tra▓ding activity and also the logistics industry. It is b

elop lunar exploration and make

 brilliant achievem

enefic▓ial both for the customers and the service providers, and even for▓ the authorities," he said.Kovacs explained that "this new Silk Road, as it has been called, is a very good solution" to the slower ocean

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freight transportation between ▓China and Hungary and other parts of Europe.He said rail transportation is a really good alternative in this case and "is especially good for the automotive industr▓y or for electron

nister of Commission of Science, Tec

hnolo▓gy and Industry f

ics or fashion, where the fast fluctuation ▓of goods is very important and even two to three weeks can matter.""Until now, the main transportation solution has been ocean freight. We all know it is a quite long, b

or National Defense (COSTIND),

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ut cost-efficient solution. But these days, when trading is running fast and customers need fast solutions, there should be an alternative wa▓y," Kovacs said.He underlined that the train in question had been a symbo

to establish a leading group for progra

m pr▓eparations for government approval. Zhang Yunchuan, Mi

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e Head of Leading Group for China鈥檚 Lunar Orbiter Projec


Core Features

program management system and strengthening

lic one because "it symbolizes the meeting of two high level projects -- the Chinese government's Belt and Road Initiative, and the intention of the Hungarian government to bec

  • technical tackling, technical management and quality control for th?/li>
  • 坋 Program. Through close cooperation, various departments respo
  • nsible for the concrete projects of the Prog▓ram such as PLA Gene
  • ral Equipment Department, Chinese Acad▓emy of Sciences (CAS) and
  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), have made gre
  • at contri▓butions to Chang鈥檈 Program. China鈥檚 space c
  • ommunity ▓will justify the great trust placed in us by our coun▓tr
  • y and people and work hard to make Chang鈥檈-1 Project get a compl
  • ete success, dedicated to our homeland and the 50th anniversary

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ndustry. BEIJI▓NG, March 31 (Xinhua) -- China's State Counc

ome one of the distribution centers of Chinese products in▓ Europe."Ekol Logistics, an integrated logistic service provider, provides supply chain solu

il, the cabinet,▓ has said innovation in science and

tions for its customers in 15 countries around the world, with the la▓rgest fleet in Europe. The company, also represented in ▓Turkey and Iran, has

technology will improve the nation's competitiveness in

been in business since 1990 and has ▓more than 5,500 units of its own transport equipment.The first freight train from Xi'an, the capital▓ of northwes

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e. Scientific and technological innovation could solve ma▓jor scientific and technical issues that co

t China's Sh

aanxi province and also the eastern end of the ancient trans-Asian trade route, arrived in Hungary's capital Budapest last month. The seco

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try's overall situation and long-term development, said a statement released after a regular meeting

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in is already on the road, and Ekol Logist▓ics played a key role in the coordination."We were the coordinators in the European part of the

of the State